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Located in rural NSW were a regional family based company.

GTH has been established and operational for over 10 years.

it has survived the many ups and downs of a trying industry due to the company's sole founder - Grant Townes.

Raised from an early age on trucks and small town values Grant has kept strong to his principles whilst running his business and strongly believes that offering the "cheapest deal' isn't the key to success, but rather offering honest RELIABLE service is paramount.


Knowing that in an ever fluctuating industry that booking a GTH Truck means your haul will be there where and when grant has said it will.


A philosophy that has kept GTH alive and Grant hopes will keep his trucks on the road for years to come. 

keeping this structure GTH has survived many ups and downs and has kept its integrity with an 

emphasis on local employees and local community whilst offering reliable service to major cities as an independant hauler. 

GTH Specialises in contract logistic services, so if youre in need get in touch and send us an enquiry via email to: 


Our in house workshop means we can employ local mechanics, offer apprenticeships and keep our well maintained fleet on the roads

Transporting goods to keep your business running and ours running too. 

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